USTeleradiology works to find a solution that is easy for you

If you have an existing PACS system with a distance reading client, we can use that system to read your cases. The advantage to this approach is that our radiologists automatically have access to prior images and prior reports for the patient without your evening/night employees having to send each individual prior report and/or prior image dataset.

Additionally we install our own transmission software (at our expense), to provide a backup to your own system. This way, we can provide seamless coverage... even if your PACS system goes down.

Our centers are equipped with the latest networking technology. With multiple redundant 100mbps lines from different internet providers, we are not dependent on any single carrier. We generally find that our rate-limiting step in image transmission is the upload speed from the client.

As we have reading centers in both the Eastern and Pacific time zones, these centers function as backups for each other in the unlikely event of a disaster resulting in local internet outage. In addition, we maintain a dedicated disaster-recovery center in Tampa, Florida to provide an additional level of redundancy.

Quality and Affordability

We know that you need both. Our costs are lower than that of our competitors, and we are able to take a long-term perspective on our company. We do not answer to shareholders or venture capitalists. This enables us to provide you highest-quality service at an affordable price.


Reports can be provided via secure web page, paper fax, HL7 interface directly to your RIS, or any combination of the these options. You choose! We find that ER physicians, in particular, love our secure web-page report delivery. Because they spend a substantial amount of time doing their own notes on a computer, receiving their radiology reports via secure web page reduces the hassle... and there’ s no paper to lose. If your procedures, however, require a paper report, we are happy to also provide that option. Image transmission and report transmission procedures are 100% Joint Commission and HIPAA compliant.

Critical Results Notification

USTeleradiology has received considerable praise from our clients with regard to our critical results notification practices. All critical results are called to the personnel caring for the patient. Time of notification and name of notified person are documented in our system and on the final report.